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Some have... mostly not.
Mostly yes...


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Here is a second hand one:


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That jacket has a decal.. a shit one.


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That jacket has a decal.. a shit one.
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Agree! very shitty one.


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those NOBLE HOUSE D1 ain't looking that bad - i've been at their shop end of last year with my son to look for a jacket for him ...

their shop is a 1 hour drive from my home so no big deal - anyway never heard the produce to specific measurements?

a problem with NOBLE HOUSE their sizes run BIIIIIG - i had a IRVIN in XL which made me swim in there - so check for their dimensions on a sizetable (do not know whether they got one?)

Their sizing is odd, my B3’ish jacket from them is a 4xl I take a 50-52 chest in American/Canadian sizing
But thankfully they traded several photos with me of measuring tapes on jackets.
I can agree with @mulceber and others about the jacket ”problems” I don’t generally purchase for
Historical accuracy, though now with @Shawn Ali at fivestar producing sheepskin bombers that
Is probably gonna change.
That’s why I think it would be interesting to see a side by side comparison between fivestar and noble house
To see how much similar jackets in style and price differ in various aspects.

Shawn Ali

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Ok boys here it comes !! First off the quality is great .. period ! 2 problems that need to be fixed Shawn ..... 1st you have to make the sleeves bigger ,, blousier just to tight around the arms . I think it will be OK if the shearling flattens . And for #2 please move the throat strap out farther so it can be used ! Don’t feel bad Eastmans can’t be used either and I’ve own 2 of their D-1s .Other than that l’m 5’10” 220 and the body fits great . Nice body length too . Just those 2 items Shawn great jackets !! Well worth the money !!!!!!
Hi Dear Mr. @Clark J

Thanks for your feedback, It really means a lot to us, Thanks for your images as well, you looks nice :)
My Pleasure to have you as a customer.

Best Regards



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With pleasure. Just have to make it a bit more explanatory and convert it to inches ;)
Here is my Excel, with which I convert body measurements into jacket measurements. Anyone can use it as the basis for their own modifications. I have not explicitly included sleeve length.
The values should also be used as an approximation. But quite suitable as a first approach.