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A B3 is a B3 and at 27000 feet you were happy with a B3!!!
Really? The point of this forum is that we are not at 27000 feet and we go over the details at 27mm most if not all guys who did wear them at 27000 feet almost certainly didn't give a fig about.

If you're happy with a Five Star jacket then fine its your money and your choice. I don't want one, thank you.


A B3 is not a B3 but still those guys back in 40-45 were happy with a warm sheepskin....
I'm 6 meters below sealevel at the moment and still happy with my B3 even if it isn't a B3...
Even an eastman or an aero isn't a B3 but nothing more than a reproduction. Spijkers op laag water noemt men dat in nederland. And yesterday I bought an Aero B3. Am I still in the game now. Or should I leave?
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