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Some groovy thoughts here...

Tonight, I am thinking of getting a B-3 made that looks appears totally accurate on the outside yet has no fleece at all inside ...but rather it would be lined entirely in the very finest scarlet silk. Truly it will be a most versatile, practical and aesthetic option.

Anyone want to try some of my special magic mushrooms, they are hand picked you know....


You devil you!!
Go to bed!;)


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You know that ferrets are close relatives of ermine. You could just walk around with a small pack of them in your pocket and deploy them as necessary.
Just be careful if there are rabbits about, the little buggers have a very poor sense of direction and get lost easily.


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A gang of Stoats & Weasels has a lot of appeal in a ‘Wind in the Willows’ sort of way, would need big pockets though...
Spend a bit of time reading due to bad internet connection .. And i am in the same boat , just testing the waters Want a descent B3 AT AFFORDABLE PRICE and want to wear this jacket most of the time. Was lucky enough to get a real one with a nice story but the jacket is not wearable every day even if is still in good condition. The Leather is fragile and could easily falling apart Despite a good leather conditionning it is more a collectible piece of history. The story : Jacket was owned by a b17 crew member shot down by the flak while the bomb run on german air field in the middle of FRANCE , the plane crashed down not far from a friend place. The owner bailed out and got help from the farmer the flight gear was swapped for civilian clothes. and the crew member was helped by the french resistance .... Flight gear was hidden from people wiew, in a big pile of old clothes some where in a barn under the roof. 60 year after roof has to be redone and my friend was gathering from help. When the jacket was found it was wrapped in a blanket with the rest of the flight gear. After a good cleaning to get rid of the spiders web, and the dust he look so better . Would you wear a jacket with such history and totally ruin it? Or get a new one, a good copy who can be worn easily, as soon as the temperature drop down?, CHOICE HAS BEEN MADE I WILL GO FOR A REPRO.
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Don’t wear that jacket, Cowboy. It has a history connected to it, and original USAAF shearling that’s in good condition is extremely rare, as the leather was treated in such a way that causes it to break down later. If your jacket is in wearable condition it is one of VERY few. The other possibility is that it isn’t in wearable condition and you’ve been lucky so far.
I agree it's just that i want a new one that i can wear. The best is that a lot ofresarch have been done( thanks to internet) and the plan is to return the jacket to the family i am in touch with one of the relative of the first owner or give it to a museum where he can be seen .