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Came across a picture of a russet Rough Wear that closely matches to the color Shawn developed. As an original, it even has color chipping.



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Russet horsehide Dubow inbound!

Photography is characteristically bad, but the grain on the back panel looks fantastic, and I like that the area where the leather meets the knit doesn't look squishy and spongy like other examples I've seen from 5*. Will update with in-person photos when it arrives. I know everyone loves the Dubow goat, but the russet horse is what makes my heart happy. Wouldn't it be a shame if I had to get another one in goat?



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This must be sort of "low quality HH" from a modern industry standpoint but looks perfect in re inconsistent grain for vintage jackets. Shawn has only the brown right now. Looks a little reddish???? Me likey


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With all of my KUDOS to Shawn and the great work he has done, I would love to try one of his A-2's with this hide but damn..........I just don't think the patterns look good yet except for the Dubow (which is one of my least favorite contacts). I think his RW repos look pretty good???? Anyway, this hide seems to be perfect. Maybe some other vintage pattern for me. and again, Shawn has done an awesome job with his line up!!!!!!