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Being di* Thomas?

Hey, don't blame us for being Germans!
We are just not that good in...subtlety. Our mood and attitude often matches the weather...

British politeness? Finding more alternatives for saying "No!" than the German languages has words? Nahh, tried that once...

French mixture of charm and rudeness? Hey, we can offer 50 % of that... :)

American combination of interest and friendliness? Not exactly our concept....

With us, it's more like "What you see / hear / read is what you get!" or as my 9 year old daughter would say:

"Daddy, I am not bossy! I've got leadership skills!"

;) Ties


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Sorry Thomas, I might have overreacted!

I've reported the above posts of mine to the mods to be deleted or edited because I don't have the permissions to do so myself.
While everyone is making amends let me do the same . I meant no I’ll will in my post as well . Actually when you re-read some of the posts, there are a few funny parts in here. Since you’re relatively new here, you may or may not know that one of the mods you’ve asked to delete your posts is none other than....... John Chapman... I sincerely hope that you see there is an element of irony and humor in that as well;)
Anyway, in case I missed your introductory post let me say welcome to VLJ and it’s good to have you here. :)


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Ease up on the Skoda bashing! They make a pretty good automobile these days!

And depending on the Porsche (944) you don't need to dig deep into your pockets.... ;)

Shawn Ali

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@Shawn Ali

I had a close look at the photos of your 1939 Werber Sportswear Contract A2 in this thread:

I noticed some differences between your 1939 Werber and the Goodwear 1939 Werber. Please find photos and explanations of the differences below:

View attachment 40251

First issue is that the collar stand itself is too thick. I am sure you will be using a different fastener, but the thickness of the collar stand itself appears too thick to me.

View attachment 40252

Second issue is that in your Werber, the epaulettes are not visible at all from behind. In the Goodwear, they are slightly visible.

View attachment 40253

You can also see this in this image. In your Werber, the collar stand sits in front of the shoulder. In Goodwear's, it sits at the top of the shoulder. For the Goodwear:
As the epaulette moves from the shoulder to the neck, it goes further forward. So, the shoulder side of the epaulette is further back, on top of the shoulder, but the neck side of the epaulette is further forward.

View attachment 40254

Next issue is on the epaulettes themselves. Notice that Goodwear's does not have stitches in those locations. Yours also look a little thicker although I am not sure.

View attachment 40256

Next issue is the pocket flaps. Your pocket flaps are the same width as the pockets - Goodwear's pocket flaps are a little wider. Suggest you make your pockets a little more narrow because Goodwear's look smaller. Also notice the bottom of the pocket flap is rounder on Goodwear's.

View attachment 40257

Last issue is the back - yours looks too baggy to me. Too much leather? Too long? I don't know, but it doesn't look right.

Hope you find something useful in my post! If you fix these issues I may purchase a Werber from you!
Hi Dear Mr. @MrBlue

Thanks for your great concerns and proving me the opportunity to explain the different points, first of all I appologise for being delay in response due to some busy business hours, Well Please note that the WEerber Jacket you are comparing was a Totally Custom Job for Mr. Walter which I personally admit have some customized details rather than 100% accurate pattern details Please find my explanations below

Our Standard jacket have same hook as you suggested please find below its images, to set the hook that way was Mr. Walter's Jacket Customized requirement, so dont worry if you buy this from FiveStar you will receive the standard contract Hook with this like below images
64394760_354675415235872_3851626143048269824_n copy.jpg

To fix the Hook with hooks was the Customers requirement, for this we received a reference image from our customer below


So we did that accordinly, our image is below which was on custom requirement


You can also see in the above image our Shoulders stitches are also correct and not crossing the middle lines

Regarding the back and fit, this jacket was made totally on customers own provided measurements and was not our standard measurement, below were the customers measurements which, these give the baggy look or slim look we are bound to follow our customers requirements and their satisfaction


64748560_2257900620960887_2451366714634403840_n copy.jpg

So these were the custom measurements and we followed them, If you like the slim we can do that as well without any problem :)

Regarding the shoulders, below were our customers provided details which he entitled us to follow

shoulder requested.jpg


Above are customers references

, below was what we did


Regarding the pocket shape, Please find our corrected pocket shape, which have a larger Flap than the pocket area, although we can do this more round and bigger

64748560_2257900620960887_2451366714634403840_n copy.jpg

Lastly I am highly thankful for highlithing some improvements, I will try my best to make these repro's more accureate and affordable at the same time.

Best Regards



@Shawn Ali

Thank you for your detailed response and I completely understand that the jacket in question was a custom request. I did not know that, which means that all of the things I noticed are undoubtedly not valid! Seeing how you quickly you have improved upon your already fantastic work, I am sure that your Werber is already very accurate!

Your attitude has won me as a customer.

EDIT: Also probably better that you are looking after your business rather than posting on this forum!


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I have just received my 2nd Five Star Leather jacket, a fully custom Werber A-2, and have reviewed both the jacket and transaction in separate threads.

Like I was, a lot of you who are considering purchasing a Five Star A-2 are probably viewing this thread looking for information & feedback. Here are a few more data points for your consideration:
  1. The Five Star website pricing is for the, as described, standard material & color combination jacket in the smallest size listed. There is a graduated, additional charge for any size larger. For example, the Werber was listed @ $160 for a 3XS and my XS(40) had a cost of $180, a $20 upcharge.
  2. There is an additional $50 customization charge for material & color changes.
  3. If you politely mention that you are a VLJ forum member, @Shawn Ali will provide you a courtesy discount.
  4. My premium goatskin Werber arrived with the distinctive smell of leather. Distinctive, but not obnoxious. As in the case with my Doniger, I'm expecting it will fade away with time & useage.
I hope this information helps with your purchasing decision. I am extremely satisfied with both Five Star's product & customer service. The total delivered price of the jacket along with the lightning fast delivery time makes it an incredible value.


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Great reviews .... can I suggest that you take a bunch of close up photos of the different sections of your jacket and save them . Then mark your calendar and a year from now, take the same photos again and post a one year before and after review of how the jacket looks with one year of wear. You do great reviews and I think you would knock that one out of the park!:D
Hello JimO.
Can you tell me what you custom made for your jacket that costs 50$.
And please tell me the exact price (include shipping cost) when the jacket arrived you.
Thanks you