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Being di* Thomas?

Hey, don't blame us for being Germans!
We are just not that good in...subtlety. Our mood and attitude often matches the weather...

British politeness? Finding more alternatives for saying "No!" than the German languages has words? Nahh, tried that once...

French mixture of charm and rudeness? Hey, we can offer 50 % of that... :)

American combination of interest and friendliness? Not exactly our concept....

With us, it's more like "What you see / hear / read is what you get!" or as my 9 year old daughter would say:

"Daddy, I am not bossy! I've got leadership skills!"

;) Ties


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Sorry Thomas, I might have overreacted!

I've reported the above posts of mine to the mods to be deleted or edited because I don't have the permissions to do so myself.
While everyone is making amends let me do the same . I meant no I’ll will in my post as well . Actually when you re-read some of the posts, there are a few funny parts in here. Since you’re relatively new here, you may or may not know that one of the mods you’ve asked to delete your posts is none other than....... John Chapman... I sincerely hope that you see there is an element of irony and humor in that as well;)
Anyway, in case I missed your introductory post let me say welcome to VLJ and it’s good to have you here. :)


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Ease up on the Skoda bashing! They make a pretty good automobile these days!

And depending on the Porsche (944) you don't need to dig deep into your pockets.... ;)