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    Here are some photos of our newly Crafted A-2 jacket. We made this with new top quality, 1.2 mm thick Goatskin leather, 100% Cotton Lining including sleeves, This one is made in our new Superior Grain Dark Brown Goatskin leather with high quality Knitted Cuff. We also have Goat Aniline, & Goat Deer options for this jacket and we will have additional Capeskin options in the near future. DSC07071 copy.jpg DSC07073 copy.jpg DSC07071 copy.jpg DSC07079 copy.jpg DSC07075 copy.jpg DSC07094 copy.jpg DSC07094 copy.jpg DSC07091 copy.jpg DSC07085 copy.jpg DSC07085 copy.jpg DSC07071 copy.jpg DSC07073 copy.jpg DSC07079 copy.jpg DSC07075 copy.jpg DSC07094 copy.jpg DSC07091 copy.jpg DSC07085 copy.jpg
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    Berkshire, U.K.
    It might be an idea to change the label for a more accurate A-2 style one.
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  3. Shawn Ali

    Shawn Ali Well-Known Member

  4. ties70

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    Hamburg / Germany
    Hi Shawn,

    the leather looks really good!

    Steve is definitely right, a proper manufacturer label would be great.

    In addition to that I would recommend to stay with the simpler collar construction (as done on my jacket) or do the collar-stand construction properly (with lining on the inside).
    And finally, but that is just my personal preference: If 5-Star wants to establish a house-style, and not copy existing original contracts, I would like to have the more curved pocket flap...

    Otherwise: Thanks for keeping us up to date on 5-Star's "evolution process!

    Best regards,

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  5. zoomer

    zoomer Well-Known Member

    Gerbracht Aeronautic Corp.
    Very nice!

    Interested to see the aniline goat...russet goat is also an in-demand color, as many still do not offer it.

    Collar stand should be one strip of leather, one strip of lining, and all corners square.

    The "short bell shaped" zipper pulls are those found on original period A-2s. The first example is period correct, the others, not so much.

    This type is common on pre-WW2 A-2s with grommet or rivet fittings.
    Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 8.58.03 PM.png

    Label should be black with yellow letters and no leather framing. It could look like this...
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    Hi Dear Ties,

    Thanks for appreciation and your kind suggestions, This A2 has this pattern of collar, I also have another A2 you can find its pictures below We made this amendment to its collar, I am also working on the collar-stand construction properly (with lining on the inside) like you suggested, If you have any of its drawing or image it would be helpful for me to adopt this easily. We surely want to produce existing styles as close to original's. Thanks once again for your generous suggestions.

    Much Obliged

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  8. Shawn Ali

    Shawn Ali Well-Known Member

    Hi Dear @zoomer

    Thanks for your effort and very very fruitful information sharing, I will surely contact with Talon for this grommet or rivet fittings Zipper in Bell shaped Pullers, and try to arrange them, I am also thankful for your effort to design my label I will also surely adopt this in our A2's.

    Thanks once again to suggest corrections I will follow them in my next productions.

    Much Obliged

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  9. Brettafett

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    Hi Shawn,

    Apologies if I am starting something here, but that last picture looks very much like one of AVI LTHR’s Broncos.

    I know AVI sourced, and paid a lot of money for an original WW2 Bronco 29191 jacket (and an original 55J14 G-1), to have the patterns and details copied exactly, incl the labels… so they could make accurate original-maker WW2 A-2 and Korean Era G-1 repros available to the market.
    Somehow, these jacket patterns have found their way to a number of other manufacturers in Pakistan and onto Ebay retailer sites, incl. yours.
    (I can only imagine that this was not a very pleasant situation for them).

    I do not mean to accuse anybody, but would be interested to find out how you came to have this pattern, which is very clearly a Bronco 29191 copy (the jacket pictured above).

    Creating your own generic ‘house’ jacket, copying from photos or something is one thing… But taking and using something someone else has spent a lot of money and time on, and worked hard to get right, is not something I think is very… ‘virtuous’… or ethical.
    People on this forum and others, tend to be rather sophisticated regarding details and know the difference.

    If I may suggest, that you stick with your own generic A-2 jacket (pictured at the start of this thread), which does look very nice... and maybe source your own original WW2 jacket from Ebay (there are always a few) and build your own original-maker jacket pattern.
    You clearly have the skills and workforce in place. And this may prove very popular down the line, considering the work you have shown and prices you charge.

    ps Do you have a 'Made in label...' in your jackets...?

    Thanks in advance…
  10. Shawn Ali

    Shawn Ali Well-Known Member

    Hi @Brettafett ,

    Thanks for your detailed message and concerns regarding this Bronco 29191 jacket, It is not the fact that we followed someone, however we do have the right to learn and to adopt any positive changes to make a garment looks like in the history, It is also not the fact that we do all this without the research and without spending huge funds in leather developing, Importing Original Zippers for Making the right jacket.

    We learned a lot from you too, we do not only make the A2, but many Flight jackets Articles, Still we are spending huge efforts to make developments we are helping to improve this industry, just offering our services's But it is the fact that we offered Low prices than others.

    We mostly sell with our Own generic A-2 jacket unless someone wants to exactly copy the history like some of our friends offer me their generous suggestions above to change the Label to original, and zipper etc, So if any of our friend is helping us to make the accurate Jacket its really a great help, Still I am working on Mr. Ties two Custom Articles A1 & A2, Also Working on Mr. Wayne's Special jacket of Vintage Field and stream jacket, they also allow us to make their developments open to everyone so it is our right to offer the same developments to others Isn't it?

    I appreciate your kind remarks on our A-2 thank you for that.

    Still we are researching and doing work on many other articles too, we are also developing some original articles :) will share with you soon..

    We have made in Label in each and every of our jacket.

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  11. Southoftheborder

    Southoftheborder Active Member


    I'd be interested to know if the £99/$130 ones on eBay are made in the same hide as this Bronco or the ones AVI sells. Ken of Aero is convinced that they are the same. But having seen a G1 produced from the same factory as AVI uses/used but in Five Star quality goat hide I don't think it's anything like the same.
  12. B-Man2

    B-Man2 Well-Known Member

    I’ve been watching this thread with the same enthusiasm as most of the people posting here.
    I just have one observation .
    With all of the additions and upgrades being suggested, at some point the price of this jacket will have to increase to accomodate all of our requests. Every suggestion and addition will reduce the profit margin once incorporated into the design . So my question is, with all of our suggestions and requested upgrades are we ok with the increase in pricing that may possibly follow?
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  13. Shawn Ali

    Shawn Ali Well-Known Member

    Yes We are totally developing our own Article from leather Tanning to end finished Jacket, we have our own recipe to produce leathers and jackets, AVI is not our customer nor we are selling what they are..
  14. Southoftheborder

    Southoftheborder Active Member

    But do you buy from the factory which was supplying AVI or are connected with that factory? And is the factory making the Bronco using the patterns that AVI made after their own research, and after I think dismantling an original? And is that the Bronco you're selling?
  15. Shawn Ali

    Shawn Ali Well-Known Member

    We may Increase the prices's and we do for extra work's, as we are famous for customizations we did this for Hundreds of customers.. But still relatively we are producing at economically low prices
  16. Shawn Ali

    Shawn Ali Well-Known Member

    We are doing Customized Job's Mostly, We produce ourself, Not have any connections with any factory, That jacket was a custom jop for some of our customer
  17. Flightengineer

    Flightengineer Well-Known Member

    This Bronco is very, very similar to the first version from AVI Bronco. Can you show here a photo of this jacket completely, with flap pockets, zippers and cuffs?
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  18. Bombing IP

    Bombing IP Well-Known Member

    Hi Shawn Ali I must commend you on attention to detail with this you will become a top tier seller .So many makers who are not , cut corners with the details . Many of our forum members have given you valuable direction advice . One thing that many customers who are serious about the type A-2 Jacket want horse or cow leather because of the way it ages . 033.jpg

    This is the pay off for hard wear ,(above picture is a reproduction ) .Do this and you will increase your order 10 fold ,you should have people wearing them to show the new and what will look like after one year ,and post it on your web site (big boost for your sales ) . I would purchase one for sure as I am not a fan of goat skin as it never ages like horse or cow leather . Forgive if I have offended you as it just struck me the cow is sacred in your part of the world . The real problem in the west is a big percentage of people have lost there jobs and and have been rehired at a lower wage ,but the price of repro A-2 jackets keep going up and up (and there is a waiting period to boot ), this is where your company can fill a niche . Concentrate on one maker then make another makers jacket . Most serious A-2 aficionados would want more than one makers type A-2 in their collection . I commend you how far you have come down this road and your willingness to listen from strangers to make your product what it should be . This is one of the most interesting posts on the VLJ at the moment with an exciting evolution we can follow by a maker with a passion ! thanks Shawn Ali .

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  19. Technonut2112

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    West "By Gawd" Virginia, USA
    I must say that overall, I am quite happy with what I see. :cool: The 1.2mm goat looks more than durable, and substantial for the vintage 'Leather Windbreaker' it replicates. I am confident from the other jackets ordered and received that my requested measurements were followed precisely on this one as well. ;) Instead of the poly / rayon the original lining appears to be, I went with comfortable 100% cotton in both the body & sleeves. I asked for it in a 'nice blue', and I think that 5-Star obliged well. :) I continue to be impressed with 5-Star's jackets for the $$, and Shawn's attention in seeing that my customization requests are completed.

    I've liked the original Gordon & Ferguson "Field & Stream Goatskin Leather Windbreaker' of this design since I first saw it on eBay and saved the pics. It wasn't in my size, but I was hoping another may come along. Fast-forward a few years, and one still has not surfaced.. :( Luckily, I think that 5-Star's rendition will do me nicely now. Thanks Shawn!! :)

    DSC07118 copy.jpg DSC07106 copy.jpg DSC07107 copy.JPG DSC07102 copy.jpg DSC07112 copy.jpg

    EDIT: Here's a couple pics of the original sent to Shawn to use as a reference:


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  20. Shawn Ali

    Shawn Ali Well-Known Member

    Hi BIP

    I don't know much about you but after reading your great analysis on A2 and very kind very kind and generous suggestions I can say that you are a great man with a spirit.

    I will follow your suggestions.. Please keep waiting soon I will show you a very brilliant Repro on Cowhide A2, you can post me any suggestions on that I will surely follow them and will show you that even today something really dont worth money only..

    Thanks for your suggestions again.

    You are great..


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