Fivestar B-10 prototype.... Some teaser shots


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Matching olive drab knit to the cotton twill shell, and brown vintage mouton collar... By far the most common combination for B-10 jackets in WW2!
If you can get vintage brown mouton for the collars, that's would be best.
Talon zips are fine.
Personally, although alpaca is authentic, I don't think this matters so much. Rather use something soft and comfortable in the right grey colour.

WW2 Original B-10s with the 303rd Bomb Group.
B-10 303rdBG.jpgnored014a.jpgnored021a.jpg
B-10 original Ebay.jpg
Notice how the olive drab knit matches in colour to the olive green cotton twill shell, and the soft brown vintage mouton collars...
B-10 pilots1.jpg

Have a look through this thread:

Also. Please consider a grey/ brown fleece-lined B-10 as an option. A light fleece is quite practical.

Have a look here -
ATF's fleece lined Tanker gets many great reviews for wearability.

Do you have an idea how much these will cost and when will they be available?



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I quite like the jacket that Thomas posted at the top of page 3. The colouring kind of reminds me of the NASA jackets in gold. I know its not an authentic colour but it is kind of cute.


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Has there been any movement on this project? The prototype looks great, and with a few tweaks (slightly darker shell color, taller bottom knits, right lining) I think it’ll be good to go!

On the issue of the lining, while I think it would be great to have a fleece option, I’d much prefer to get the alpaca pile lining, myself.
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I understand the argument that a 50 uses twice as much leather as a 36. But why the 34 and the 48 are the same price, and the 50 has to pay a high price.
Because at some point you want to discourage big people from wearing your stuff. It's a poor brand image given all the middle aged dad bods in military reenacting.