Fivestar B-10 prototype.... Some teaser shots


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Its a good start, but I wouldn't buy one yet.
Besides the colour, the collar and the lining... Waistband seems a bit short in height and the shell squares where the waistband meets, should be more rectangular.
Not bad though. Any idea what these will cost?


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Agreed on the waistband.

I think the last pictures were over saturated. The roundel is waaaaay too bright, the shell has a strange colour and the lining seems way dark. As I said, I highly suspect this is caused by the pictures being edited.


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The point with the waistband should be adressed by FS...probably for all their jackets. I think that even most of the A-2 from FS look as if the waistbands could be a little fuller.

Maybe that is something Shawn could fix with his manufacturer?

Does somebody know the correct size of B-10 buttons? MASH sells a lot of repro buttons by 100-piece bags, maybe they have the exact size and shade in stock...

AS we are looking at a prototype, the AAF scoundrel is something, Shawn probably only added to give us a complete picture.

I am not sure, if I would want it at all, but if, then there are probably better options available. It looks as if FS has used the brighter version for leather, which is for "water & heat transfer" and features an adhesive material.

The correct version should be "heat transfer" only, with more subdued colors.

Both are available at MASH Japan, so this could possibly be offered as "option only"?

Biggest issue is still the lining...hope that a) Shawn will get the correct alpaca / wool blend (and keep the jacket on a budget price) and b) will offer a fleece-lined version...



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I received these pics also. @Shawn Ali told me it's a prototype.

For sure it will be improved. Color is strange, seems yellow, but if it's the same jacket than the first page, color was better. Just a bit faded maybe.

Agree the waistband issue.


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I'm another who prefers the B-10 sans meatball, and I imagine it shouldn't be a big hassle to have it as an option.

Rome wasn't built in a day and this needs a few things adjusted, changed and finessed but overall he's on the right track.


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It would be great to have optional mouton collar colors, AAF roundel, epaulettes, linings, etc. Agree on the color, a little too "golden" right now but I'm confident Shawn will produce a great product. The front patch pockets look really nice, maybe the top of the windflap could be more rounded and less angular.
@Shawn Ali do you have an original?

Shawn Ali

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Just received these from @Shawn Ali...

It seems to be an early stage, with some things to sort out, but I thought it would be worth posting them anyway:

View attachment 31230

View attachment 31231

View attachment 31232

View attachment 31233
Hi Dear @ties70

First of All I am highly thankful to you for posting these images in this thread which really helps to reshape this B10 through perfection.

Carl, I understand that olive knits and darker Mouton will be options when the jackets become regularly available!
Like our other jackets we can have this jacket in multiple options of knitting's and Mouton Fur Collars, please find below options
Mouton Fur Collar Options.jpg

Knitting Options.jpg

We can have this jacket in other colors of Cotton as well, I can post more Cotton Options later

We are also looking for Proper Lining for this jacket.

Best Regards


Shawn Ali

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I'd really like to see Shawn do a knock-off - ahem, I mean tasteful interpretation - of ELC's Air Comfort.
Hi Dear @Smithy

Thanks for your suggestions, we already have some Wind Breakers you can find below links for details

Best Regards


Shawn Ali

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If we get more options in larger sizes, then I am all for it. If I understood it correctly, we are looking at a prototype here. Shawn has to get the correct alpaca / wool blend lining, currently they have finished the first jackets with something furry-like... Looked a lot like the stuff that ATF has used for their B-10. He is looking for the correct stuff...

Which brought me to the idea, if there might be a demand for a fleece-lined B-10?

The fleece-lined tankers from ATF seem to be getting good reviews....

Dear @ties70

That's right we made our first test jacket, still we are enthusiastic to improve this, like we are looking for some proper vendors of alpaca / wool blend linings, we can definitely source them for a best match. If anyone Can contribute in this it will be great help.

Best Regards