Five Star Russet Horsehide


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Does anyone have a Five Star Russet Horsehide A-2 that they could post some photos of please.


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I looked through all 34 pages of posts about Five Star. I think I found one "russet" horsehide A-2. I might have missed it last time I looked, because Five Star's russet is a very dark russet. I am a big fan of Five Star. I love their Doniger Russet Goat Skin. I already have a dark goatskin A-2, so now I am looking for a russet horsehide, but I am afraid the Five Start russet horsehide is a bit too dark for me. I might consider Five Star's russet steer hide.
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Here is a five star horse hide a2. The pictures make it look slightly darker but you can still get an idea. This was the lighter option of the two. The seal is darker I think.





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Sounds like a real russet.

This Doniger in Russet HH (sic) posted on Facebook seems really russet too:


By my opinion the Seal brown is more a Dark seal than just seal. But russet seems russet.


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That Werber would be quite nice if the red stitching and lining were a more authentic shade and the waist had some "gather" to it. It looks like the waist measure is the same as the chest and most if not all five stars have that look to my eye. That might make the shallow waist knit look better too. The leather itself looks nice. They are very close.