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Hi, Folks.
First off, I did a search for something under this topic and came up with nothing, but if I've started a duplicate thread I apologize.
I was looking at the Five Star website and I must say the jackets look great, but the prices are just way too low to be believeable. In a field where one gets what one pays for, I'm leary of spending the money, but also thinking it's pretty hard to go wrong for $200 or so. Has anyone purchased one of these, or any A-2 by Five Star (I was looking at the Doniger in Horsehide), and if so, what's your opinion of them? Waste of money or worth the price? Thanks in advance.


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Hi. Herk
Try a search for 5 star Doniger or just Doniger . The forum is loaded with threads and photos of 5 stars products . Several people have purchased jackets from 5 Star and Sean is the owner of 5 Star. Hang in there and keep looking .


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The Five Star Doniger in russet goat is one particular jacket from Five Star that has received relatively good reviews. It is very good value for the price IMHO.
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Agreed with what's been said above. You're right that you get what you pay for, and there's a lot of nicer manufacturers out there, but it seems like the general consensus has been that the Five Star jackets are much better than the low price tag would suggest, and the customer service reviews have been glowing.