Fit pics - new ELC RW 27752


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My one cent: tuck in the t-shirt next time, because it makes the jacket look short.
Yeah, maybe 1 inch extra body length would be good. Well, just my opinion. Sleeves obviously.
Nice leather though!
I hope the collar will settle, because with it sticking up like that driving your car will have them prod into your throat/chin all the time. Been there. Maybe check if JC has the same jacket and compare collars?


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Maybe check if JC has the same jacket and compare collars?
I actually experienced that in the car today, but I’m hopeful it will relax a bit as well. By JC do you mean John Chapman? I would love one if his jackets but I definitely do not have the patience for that waiting list... You are right about the tucked-in shirt. I did that, too, and it makes a world of difference.


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Yours looks very cool & with the extra length should be a real winner! Nothing worse than a baggy A-2 IMHO. My ELC RW 46 was like a straitjacket and took an age before it was anywhere near comfortable & then wore the hell out of it for several years. Traded it for the Monarch contract a couple of years ago and then went up to a 48 due to the realisation that the 46 whilst looking cool made me feel like a sausage. Came to the realisation that for most ELC Jackets I’m a 48 with maybe a couple of exceptions (B-3 for sure).