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First leather jacket for 40 year old. Any ideas?


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Hey all,

I have someone that is looking for a cool yet not crazy expensive jacket for someone turning 40.

They are looking for a good quality jacket, the jacket will be their first leather jacket and probably their only one. They are in the U.K. and things like Aero are probably out of the price range. I am thinking some of the more mainstream Scott ones etc.

Have you any suggestions for a good solid jacket that has a super classic and classy look that a 40 year old can enjoy.

Any and all suggestions are all welcome.

I’ll pass on advise my father passed on to me. Enjoy your 40’s. Will be the best time of your life. He was right.


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The OP sounds like they're talking about someone who isn't an OCD detail freak like all of us here in which case and seeing as the fellow is in the UK, I think two options stand above any others, and also offer a lower cost option and a higher one.

1) Lower cost option. A Wested Indy jacket and specifically their standard Raiders pattern (not the Hero version). Great practical jacket, easy to wear, super comfortable. I've got all manner of leather jackets and yet I often find myself coming back to one of these as a pick up and go out the door jacket. I'd recommend their cowhide, sturdier than their usual lamb and it develops great patina. They're simply great jackets for the price and for what they are. Mine is one of the cheaper jackets I own but it's garnered more positive comments than a lot of my other jackets which are several times more expensive.

2) Higher cost option. Something from Aero. Maybe a Highwayman or Halfbelt. Aero have lots of styles, lots of leather options and they're very well-made. Saying that the wealth of options could be completely confusing for a casual first time buyer. Best option being in the UK is to make the trip to Aero and try a few on oneself.

Not a definitive answer but I hope my 2 rupees help in adding a couple of worthwhile alternatives.