Few B-2, Evolution pic's

Just for shits'n'giggles, these are some pic's I took this morning of my Few B-2, after 4 months of winter wear.

I've just got back to NZ from a months posting in Melbourne, Aust., and the B-2 had many outings in the late winter, early spring weather.

The HH is Mid-Brown Double coated aniline finish, John Lever is having a B-1 made in this hide I believe.



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Amazing...you can see the suppleness of the hide. Must be a very comfy outer layer!

I own John's old Lost Worlds B-2, which is made of the same super-hard horse as LW's other product (and maybe a little harder yet). You don't wear it so much as it wears you.


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Thanks for taking the time to share your pictures. That jacket truly looks amazing - in a year, no one will be able to tell if it's an original or a reproduction. The Few really did their homework on this one. Kudos to them!