Evolution of cloth 37J1

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Just taking up from the discussion about the evolution of the jungle cloth 37J1 that was started on the thread featuring John Jeter’s Good Wear Leather Tanker.

John recently sent me some images of the 37J1 and 37J1B from which the differences in length of windflap, collar knit profile, knit fastening, and label format, are all visible.

North Bilt 37J1B

Switlik Parachute 37J1A
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The camera likes to lie about this collar type...or perhaps, keep secrets if it is carefully arranged...

See how there appear to be zipper teeth in the right hand side in one of Geeboo's pix? There aren't. It wouldn't work.

Now check the Buzz Rickson collar - the right side appears to be sewn to the storm flap!!

But in reality, it isn't!!!
Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 1.10.49 PM.png
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The kicker with that Buzz pic...it is feasible to stitch one side of the knit to the storm flap. It would insulate better when closed. But it would not allow the collar to lie neatly when open, either in the up or down positions.

But as to whether it was a field mod, that's entirely possible, even practical.