ELC Re issue 16159 "great escape"


Hi guys,
I'am looking at his Re issue 16159 at the moment, some of you have advice on it and/or pictures ??
Looking at a size 38 btw ;)
Cheers !


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on ELC official Website there're big Pictures!
In my opinion ELC made bad Labels on most of their jackets, the Fonts are little bit bolder than original. This Problem has not been improved since over 15 years

PS: for only a leather Name tag of this "Great Escape A-2" the customer gotta pay £75.- extra, that's generous.....
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Hi Philippe,
It has the same pattern and fit as ELC's 27752. The only difference is really the pockets, the finish and the addition of the Hilts name tag/ USAF decal.
I don't think its looks that great in person... Looks a bit 'fake', scratched... ELC's version of this jacket could be a bit blousy/ boxy depending on your body type.
Anyway, I think a RW27752 with timeworn finish looks better, esp if you ask for a more subtle finish. Plus, it'll be cheaper.
I assume you are considering ordering one from Eastman new? If not you could place and ad on ELC's Classifieds asking for one... 'Wanted ELC RW16159 Great Escape A-2' etc... Email Rob at Eastman and ask him to place the ad.
Good luck and if/ when you get one, please post a review and fit pics ;)


Hi Brettafett,
Thank you for your advice, yeah, I consider to buy one, 1300 pounds is quiet expensive but I like the finish Re issue ;) the Best way for sure is to find a second hand !
I have the Luck to find a very Nice BK RW 27752, and I see also the difference with the pockets ;)
I Will post some picture of this BK beauty.


Mainly on Japan market with buyee proxy, plenty of buzz and Real mc coys, still some The few, at least half price from New ;)