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ELC B-6 46”. Chance of a bargain in current re-sale climate


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I don’t know his reason but for me I am always up for shipping to other countries but it brings with it a load of issues and risks. Sometimes the buyer isn’t willing to pay for the measures needed to balance those risks.


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Yes J. you hit the nail on its head!
Some buyers ( also here) expect you ( seller) to take all risks, want their jacket within 3 days ( incl. customs) but dont want to pay for these services...hence... some sellers dont ship overseas anymore... ( works or no more in all directions ).


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The one on the Eastman website has more character in terms of grain. I'll be interested to see what this one ends up going for on ebay. Too bad about no US sale.

Officer Dibley

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Don’t let the ELC studio pics fool you. I was going to buy a havana one based on the pic but asked for a photo of one in production and got one of a completelt different colour and little grain. When i queried that with them they said “hides and colours vary”.
The hide does look characterless but that may be a lack of wear. Caveat emptor.....


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I can have them shipped via my London office if you pay for the jacket... the shipping to London... plus the DHL Express (registered insured—- no postal!) )costs to the US.
The last was an AN-J-4 ...: DHL shipping costs France-USA were 105 Euro... guess its similar...
Again, I dont ship postal, but I am happy to help out!... up to you!