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ELC B-10

Dany McDonald

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This comment comes a bit late in the process...but man this ELC B-10 is nice! The color is spot on and for once the knits color are also spot on for that contract.

Kudos for ELC to actually show an original with the copy.



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Looking at the shaved alpaca lining, color of the mouton collar, and pocket flap shape, I'd bet that's a Buzz Rough Wear B-10, not an Eastman Rough Wear.


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If ever a ELC B-10 will show up for sale used and in my size, I will be surely tempted to add it to my collection, but owning a ELC B-15 and B-15a already I see no real desire getting a new one...
But I am sure the B-10 is a nice jacket in its own right...

Officer Dibley

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No Steve. I’m not there yet but am sewing leather. Eastman did it. I sent it to get the name tag put on (to cover the undightly tape glue from when i removed the previous owners name) and sent the Miroslav patch and asked if they'd put it on for the cost of stitching. They did (and didn’t charge).