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ELC A-10 gloves


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Ohhh ....Knees... we could start a forum them.
The first post should be “ Finding a Good Knee Replacement Doctor ‘ :(


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haha, yes indeed. I've got the doc for you.
Had both mine replaced in July - back cycling, lifting and walking like a madman!


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Been wearing my MASH ones everyday for the last few weeks. Mine have developed really nice wear from the year I've had them, I'll post a pic of them over the weekend.


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Don’t know if there might be any interest, but US Authentic is having a sale right now on A-10 gloves, $49.95 reduced from $69.95.
I have a pair that I purchased years ago and they’ve held up pretty well for the harsh treatment they’ve received living here in Florida:rolleyes:;)
Probably also the reason my other pair have held up so well.