ELC 1401p


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Have to say ELC customer service has always been second to none in my experience. Most recent examples to me was replacement zipper pullers and stops, one for a D-1 I have had for at least 10 years. Both FOC, ELC stand by their products. I'm baffled by Serghei's experience and can only imagine the use of glue mentioned earlier has had something to do with it. Good of Sean to replace, but Serghei, careful who you get to do the work, you need someone who will follow the original stitch holes are you will rapidly end up with a right nightmare of a jacket that's worthless. Not meant unkindly at all, just dont want your situation to get any worse, as your data point where it very easily could.


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Well i decided to not stress about it anymore..i will leave them like that and if it brakes in some little places which actually already happened now on the tiger a little piece broke, let them brake...i will just use it as it meant to be ( i am sure the pilots didnt care about their leather patches breaking up on few places haha)

More i stress less i enjoy the jacket...i will use and abuse it until all breaks up and looks like an original haha


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The leather on the patches is very thin a susceptible to damage but as you say in your post “ just use it as it’s meant to be ” which I totally agree with.