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Ebay charges ??


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My local real world auction house which we use a lot will charge 18% plus 20% VAT on the hammer price. Another charges 22 or 22.5% plus 20% VAT. Now that's pretty standard for real physical auctions here.


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Well the whole thing is I'd like to give the most to a seller, but because the charges for everything else is so high, I feel like the only way to save is to ask the seller for a cheaper price. Then I look cheap. It's not me. It's the charges.

Officer Dibley

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Sell on other sites. There are ways to communicate this without setting off the ebay algorithm ;)
Did that with a GW i saw on ebay. I was able to get the price down by the amount of the ebay charges.


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You can’t swap phone numbers or addresses to do a deal or even to ask a seller what their best price is if you’re on your last offer, these days via eBay messaging, but I’ve heard the AI can’t detect pics of phone numbers and addresses/ not that I would ever even think of doing a deal outside of eBay.