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I have noticed the current trend of eBay sales the last six months have been off brand repro jackets . I mostly note Avirex ,Cooper ,Saddlery with hardly any from GW ,Aero or ELC .Could this be the jackets are not fetching what the owners consider a fair price . They do not want to take an 75% loss a jacket .I also noticed that Capri Bells are now in the $100 range .



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IMHO and experience...The great race to the bottom...Thanks to the ” China, Pakistan, India etc.. “ generics....will generate a two class auction system...The one where you have prime high end stuff ....and ...the others...
Guess where Greedbay (12,5% commission, 4,5% mendatory PP, Global shipping/customs for nothing... )will be....:);):(:mad:
Signs, hints.. and results already accountable/visible...
Most of the good stuff brings more $$$ on several other specialized forums/sites...already...it will go more and more in this direction....
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just within the last year that I have been collecting vintage WWII items related to USAAF and RAF the prices have gone way up! glad I got the things I got when I did. And ya, the Capri bells have gotten out of hand. I think once the Catch 22 mini series airs even more people will want them. The repros look all the part though... I got super lucky and added two more 1942 AAF Identification spotter posters to my collection. the B-24 D Liberator and the B-25 C Mitchell for only $30 each. it ended on a Friday evening so I can only imagine people were out on the town or stuck in rush hour traffic as I was the only bidder even though it showed a number of watchers. now I have all four of my favorite bombers! B-17E, B-26, B-25 and B-24. now to get these two framed....


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I've more or less given up collecting militaria per se. We are only temporary custodians and I would rather see genuine historic artefacts safe in a bona fide and established museums for the benefit of all.