Eastman RW 27752 Winter-Lined


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As we have discussed in so many other threads (and probably other forums), this is demand and supply. I am sure ELC is doing very very well in some other parts of the world, but they certainly have lost quite a few die hard fans around here at VLJ. To be honest, I agree with Silver Surfer, for a brand new jacket, the grains (I am sorry to say, they look more like wrinkles...) are a bit excessive. I guess most people would want a jacket which ages faster with minimal wear, but not like instant ageing....
Agree, but my point was...despite the didcussions here and elswhere, they ( all high priced jackets) sell and their delivery time is longer than ever...”money does not look for friends...just to change hands”...


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I think this whole situation is being made worse by the fact that we are all die hard fans who understand just how much prices have gone up in such a short span of time.

If I were fresh to the brand, and I had just been into Real McCoy’s London, I would think that ELC was a comparitive bargain. Same goes for most fashion brands which charge considerably more for quite average products - have a look at Mr Porter if you don’t believe me.

Eastman do shoot themselves in the foot a little though with certain things - their Irvin is fantastic but the “Eastman” branded zips feel underwhelming considering the price. Aero has them beat in this area hands down!