Eastman Roughwear - should I give up and move it on?


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I’ve had my Eastman Roughwear 22752 for about two weeks now, and I’m not sure what to think.

What isn’t in doubt is the jacket itself - it’s made from the most unbelievably beautiful leather I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been wearing it pretty much non stop - including getting caught completely by surprise in a rainstorm which has brought out the grain even more!

But I’m just unsure about the fit. The jacket measures pretty slim for a 46 but it feels roomy and baggy on me, particularly around the waist. I was so damn confident I’d like the jacket as when I tried one on at the pop up I was blown away by the fit - six months on and I’m not convinced. Regretfully I had to order a longer size so it’s non returnable.

My question to you is this: how long do you guys give a jacket a chance before you try and sell it on? Should I cut my losses and run? Or stick with it?




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Hard to tell from these pics, can you get someone to take some more of you wearing the jacket, front back sides etc?

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Your worrying about something that's not there my friend !. Now you want a longer one that's crazy the jacket now is on the longish side already .

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The fit looks fine! The A-2 was designed to be a loose fit, and this Roughwear model fits your body type perfectly.


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I think it looks alright, but the fact that you're asking suggests to me that you already know in your heart that it's not what you wanted.


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Thanks guys! I’ll take some more photos soon. The issue is that the waist/knits of the jacket sit away from my body at the rear and don’t “lock” the waist in place. It just feels odd and I’m not sure why it’s happening...

@Bombing IP you’ve misunderstood, I don’t want any longer! This jacket is an XL already!


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Get someone to photograph you. All these selfies people post with one arm holding the camera up has an effect on how a jacket sits at the shoulder and waist.

BTW: The jacket looks fine to me. If the QM threw that at you as you queued for your gear you'd be happy with it I'm sure.


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Hi Meach

The jacket is only 2 weeks old. Whenever I buy a jacket I give it about 6 months of wear before I decide to keep it or move it on. The reason being is that things change with the jacket. The sleeves wrinkle and shorten up . The shoulders relax. The jacket with wear collapses on your body and forms to your body . The other thing that may happen is your body may change. You gain weight . You work out and gain muscle or you lose weight.
The point is in 6 months from now your impression of the jacket may change.
Just my thoughts on the matter


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I prefer loose fit for my jackets but if your saying it’s hanging loose in the knits and I assume the one at the Pop Up didn’t, then maybe contact Eastman and see if it’s a manufacturing issue?!
If it isn’t then as some have said guess your minds made up and it will always be an “Issue” to you

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I have to be honest, ELC collars are awful imho. They are massive and stick up too high. Driving in one is a nightmare. Sits halfway up my head. No problem with Sefton though
Maybe i have a short neck....?


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I think part of the problem was that the jacket is still a little stiff, particularly after getting caught in the rain. I'll let it recover and soften and see how she goes!

I still think a Star Sportswear may eventually be the answer...long and slimmer looks good. I always regret selling my 46R but the sleeves were just too short for me and I wasn't wild about the collar at the time...!


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I generally find most A-2 waist knits too tight, making them bunch up too much rather than hanging when unzipped. But perhaps that's just me.


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Nothing wrong with the loose fit around the waist. That is what it suppose to be like as the original A2 is worn by young men who has not develope the middle age dad bod. I suppose many vintage and vintage style jacket wearers are older men who often carry a bit more around the waist and it seems the tight waist look kind of became the accepted norm. Personally I think if you are relatively slim and not have a beer gut you should not worry if it is loose around the body even if it is a size up as long as long as the other measurement fits and it feels comfortable.