Eastman Roughwear 1401-P

Hi all -- my Eastman arrived this week from Charles over at HPA. Here are some fit pics below. This is my first A-2... and I think I've nailed it.

After some great advice from Charles, i settled on the size 40 Roughwear contract. To be honest, I didn't spend too much time analysing the sizing, etc... just trusted the process.

Fit is quite comfortable with a t-shirt and snug but manageable when wearing a bulky sweater.

Length looks just about right based on my own opinion and what i've seen with other people's fit pics...

The hide is amazing -- and is already getting some wear and tear. I really like the cuffs and skirting on the jacket too.

As luck would have it, my whistle came in the next day... Quite happy to wear it on the A-2 and it's quite practical for a father of young kids

Thanks everyone for answering my questions about the contracts fit etc. Now i'm tempted to go for a Seal Brown contract! Maybe next year...