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I would have to leave my cash and my credit cards at home. That would be the only way I could show up at one of these places.


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Because it is a Flying Tigers tribute jacket Serghei, you may want to consider a tag that has your name in both Roman and Chinese characters. Tex Hill had his done that way I think.
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What size was that?
I tried on the 44 and it was great. A touch big, but acceptable. I ALMOST walked out with it!
It was the 44 actually :) i got it on tuesday. I thought the 42 was my size but when i tried the 42 of the same contract used to make this one, it was tight for me. Did not feel well and comfortable in it. Then i tried this one in 44 and it was perfect on my body. I did not think too much and took out my credit card lol now i need to wait 2-3 weeks to receive it as they have to change a knit due to some damage. Luckily i saw it before buying it and leaving back home

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Living in Luxembourg, i do not have chance to check personally their jackets. Plus the ryanair tickets are so cheap now from here to London, it is the perfect timing. Also taking the girlfriend on her first London trip so i am scoring some extra points with her too :))))
Hope you try a London Black Cab while you are there