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Eastman Leather Clothing - Catalogue 1


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ELC have just popped a new full colour catalogue up on their Facebook page.

No link to a webpage as yet. Looks good. Appears to have Osprey style illustrations on the front cover.




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Thought I should have grabbed two, added two to the cart to see what postage is. Leapt to GBP50 to ship two. Happy with one... I have a Golden Book from the mid 90s in the war room. Will be a good addition.


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ELC catalogue going up in price along with the rest of their stuff..??
That was a question not a statement:D


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Whilst it doesn't look bad and the production values look good it's still thinly disguised marketing pap. I'd rather put the money for that towards one of the dedicated and more thorough books on the subject of flying kit or on a fighter group history where you'll have better photos and none of the underlying sales pitch.

That's just me though.