Eastman Leather A-2 - Reissue 'Escape A-2'


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I've seen these in person, even tried one on ;)
They are each individually hand re-dyed and then Timeworn, there are variances. One looked exactly like this, although the pics make it look more pronounced. There was another that was a touch more subtle, but in hand still looked 'faked'...
Saw a guy at RIAT Airshow who was wearing one, and it didn't look too bad, but certainly did not look like an original. He looked chuffed, but I kept thinking about the monies he paid ... Was tempted to amble over and say "Hi Virgil".


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I think it’s the light that’s highliting it as much, another one in a size 44 looks to be the same state. Both purchased around the same time too. I’ve been waiting for a nearly new one in a 40 to appear. I’ll try one at the pop up shop and gauge how it looks in person.. I did bid it up to 500 simply because I felt the seller deserved at least that considering when and what he paid


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the day I want this jacket, I would ask John Chapman ...
Fair do's. From what Jeremiah said, however, the crummy stuff they used to do the aging and create the effect of red rot can probably be cleaned off. If so, a person could find a particularly ugly example of this jacket, buy it cheap, clean it up, and have a great jacket.


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Eastman A2 presently at £380 on Ebay. Personally I would not like a jacket like this as I think the aged appearance looks unnatural and I would rather gain character by wearing it over many years.

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My grandson 6 years old just overbaked a ripe orange pumpkin... it looked the same.., eg: carbon black vs. pumpkin orange...
The pumpkin orange undertones seem to be fashion and standard nowadays also with EU manufacturing A-2 Co’s .


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Agree 10000%... This A-2...is perfect and made from the best of the best... and surely no” pumpkin “ syndrome...as a lot of other newborn so called best best repros.
Crapolasponsors will sponsor several jackets and then realize “this is it” why not investing in this from the beginning ;):)
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