Eastman ANJ-4 1st model


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Lovely! Despite having just purchased the B-3, I’m still tempted by the ANJ-4. I like the arm reinforcements, and I think hacing the two front pockets would be nice. Not to mention the arm gussets. The B-3 definitely binds in that area.

John Lever

McCoys buttons are very well sewn.
I have 3 Anj4's if I part with one Peter you can have first dibs.
Early production merino Eastman, absolute cracker. Size 44
RMNZ dark seal size 44
RMJ dark brown version size 42


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Thanks John but I remember a couple of years ago we struck a deal for one of your sheepskins(The Few),then you seemed to have second thoughts.i can understand why though as it was a cracker,,lovely coloured fleece.Im sorted for now with the b2 .if I do a deal I follow through,even if I think oh bugger what am I doing :)