dubow mfg


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The price appears to be €450 so they seem to be aiming for that "mid range" price bracket which seems to growing in popularity lately.


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this just in: platon, remember him? has left bill kelso to start dubow mfg. should prove to be interesting.
That's probably going to cause Stuart over at Lost Worlds to have a Turet's moment...

Then again, his focus seems to be other than his hallmark A-2 these days.
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Wonder how long the prices will be around the current 450 Euro mark, and if any other Dubow contracts will be on offer.
Bladdy 'ell. Another jacket I would love to try.


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Competition is good for buyers, and with the current turnaround times from other makers, this is a viable option.

Greg Gale

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So it's basically a BK Dubow under a different name, for only 450 EUR?! Too good to be true. :eek: The one in the pictures, is it a seal or a russet one?

Gary must be quite angry, now that they also want to introduce their Dubow.