Doursoux Hartmann


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What do you guys think of this one? Minus the hardware and missing buckle does it look decent?


Rory Schultz

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If you are into collecting reproductions then it is okay. There is nothing wrong with it. It is new and ready for it's own adventure in time.
I prefer vintage leather jackets and jodhpurs along with the vintage boots. There is always that missing element with history, no back story.


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These are way better than Eastman Hartmann repros
Thx. Rory, cannot agree more.
They have the correct metalware, the correct liner ( especially arm liner) and the correct cut/pattern... all over.... and certainly no „ gussets“;)
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You need to keep abreast of all the posts across the forum. Robust debate on pricing/quality/customer perceptions. Check the ELC combat collection thread.


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Of course not.... sorry you didn't understand the post.
Maybe, but does the post discuss ELC Camos or authentic Hartmann jackets?..., However, ... and..but I know whats a quality repro Hartmann and whats a disguisement Hartmann... I also know for which market segment they were ( very successfully) made and for which they will remain a dream.
The price plus the long delivery time speaks for itself...The same applies for most of the luxury and prime maker brands... not only in repro or vintage jackets...but for all goods.
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The French jackets are expensive and out of my price range but if you would compare them to a2's they are the goodwear of Luftwaffe jackets, every picture I have seen from forums of the Eastman's jacket shows they are cut to long, the high cut waist is the defining feature of these jackets regardless of any other discrepancies.
Look at the photos at the greater distance between the top of the pocket flap and zipper on the eastman to see how longer it is.

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