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Distinctive Footwear is listing again A2s A1 G1s

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seems legit, and generally the jackets he lists are size 44, some times size 46. it was posited by a member that he gets the goodwears from the gw sales page. the others? dunno.


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The GW A-1 length is 28". That can't be right. If it was those arms would be like 35" by the looks of it.

Yeah I have not bought from him but I see him list jackets off and on. I think he has lost money on some of them judging by the selling price. Unless he gets them at a serious discount.


Whoa.... Unfortunately (Thankfully) not my size

Well I’ve bid on this twice so far and been outbid.
What are your honest thoughts on it ? Is the patch gonna hinder the value you think ? What do you think it should sell for ?


I think it’s perfect... the patch makes it unique. If I was in the mix I’d have no problems going north of a $1000