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Did anyone else notice this posting?


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This nice size 42 Dubow is being sold by Victor, (Silver Surfer here).The label is original to the jacket-but some of the lettering has worn off, which is quite normal with Dubow labels. Lost Words copied a worn Dubow label and hence the missing "1" digit on their repro labels, which incidentally do not incorporate the size on the label as original Dubow labels do.


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Thanks to all of you for your responses and for the education.
I stand corrected.
This is what I like about the forum the learning curve is immediate.

My sincerest apologies to Victor (Silver Surfer). I previously purchased a vintage jacket from him and have spoken with him on a few occasions. He is absolutely one of the most legitimate and knowledgeable people regarding A2's , as well as being a good guy.

In the future I will be a little more diligent in my research before posting any questions :oops:


i brought my GW dubow from sliver and i highly recommend anyone to buy from him he sell some of the best jackets out there ;)


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Remember, Lost World's doesn't copy errors:

The LOST WORLDS "Collar Stand" A-2, like the original Dubow, is fully symmetrical. If something isn't perfect and balanced, we don't make it. Nor do we copy errors...

Ours is perfection. LOST WORLDS has a different perspective on reproduction than some other mfgs. We conceive our jacket to emulate that A-2 which Jacob Dubow had cut, then sewn by his best cutter and operator to serve as a perfect production sample for the rest of his many workers, rather than a Xerox of a flawed piece such as one stumbles on at a military show or the like.