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Decorated Mae West RAAF


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Air Ministry 1941 pattern Mae West
Flight Lieutenant T E W Howes, RAAF

The lower right front of the waistcoat is fitted with a carbon dioxide cylinder with a chrome-plated actuating There is a heavy cotton webbing loop on either side of the front (introduced in January 1942) to assist a rescuer to lift an airman out of the water. The inside back bears a white cotton label printed in black, (crown) A.M. Stores Ref. No. 22C/447 SIZE:- MEDIUM Contract/Stores/2241/35MU/C34 (a) S.P.I. 48'. The label is also marked in black ink 'P/O Howes'. The proper left front bear a drawings of an Observer's wing (brevet), a Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon and a bomb.

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