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Decent, WARM N-1 deck coat, great price.


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Disclaimer: Not affiliated with seller, just wanting to pass along a good deal. -z

eBay seller minatkiuch_0 is offering N-1s (no brand name) lined with faux longhair alpaca at USD99 (plus about 50 for shipping Japan—US). I am very pleased with mine, altho it does have some size idiosyncrasies that perhaps are to be expected - it is a Chinese made "4XL," US 46, the largest size made.

First, the quirks. The zipper is left-handed, not a huge deal. Measurements are given but there is some weirdness - the shoulders are fairly wide (24.4" in 4XL) and the sleeves quite long (40" from center back!!) in relation to the body (30"). Yet, the collar is tight to latch with a scarf or turtleneck under it. Otherwise it's very comfortable all around, tho I have turned up about 3" of the outer sleeve.

The positives outweigh the quirks, especially at the price. The Bedford cord shell is not quite high-count, but seems to block wind well, and is modestly water-resistant (a spray with commercial waterproofing compound might help). The coat is available with or without U.S.N. stencil. The faux alpaca is non-scratchy, realistic in appearance, with a 1/2" nap, and very warm - I've now had the N-1 out in 10°F (wind chill -15°F) twice with a light shirt and midweight sweater underneath, and felt nicely protected.

Here are a few photos. The auction listing is here.

s-l1600.jpg s-l1600-1.jpg s-l1600-2.jpg s-l1600-3.jpg
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