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David Brown.........deeb7.....RIP


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dujardin said:
yes well said

i come daily on the forum, and or he was present or have just post something.
sometimes,when i need information, i send him a pm and less than 12 hours, he was there.
HE was the man, he was the friend.
as i continue to think, this forum is a kind of family, we can see this fact right now with the loss of a brother.

marcel ;)

So true Marcel
Perhaps this can help us appreciate each other a little better. In life ..there really are no guarantees.


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David was one of my favorite people on the forum. His dry sense of humor and timing were always spot on, without offending anyone. His knowledge and accuracy of detail was a credit to this forum. I am deeply sadden by his passing.



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I saw this very sad news today, and am struggling to take it in.

If there's somewhere to send money for flowers or whatever then I would very much want to contribute.

RIP deeb7.


Andrew said:
I'd like to add as events like this remind me that this forum does a lot more than just provide a venue for discussing VLJ's, aviation and mil history, it's a service to Men's mental health, a worldwide men's shed (apologies to any female readers but I know they're a little sparse) and it provides us with a place to meet friends that may be more than just mates babbling online. It provides friendship and company, especially if you happen to live in a corner of the world where you're hardly likely to meet others who have appreciation for our crazy interests- im pretty sure there's no one in my neck of the woods. I'm sure this was very important to Dave. I have the ability to log on at any time it suits me and just about every time I did he was there too. Sometimes you just need to open the door, take a wander around and see who's in and what they've made today (shed analogy). Dave was always there.

I notice that many here have expressed similar sentiments, particularly Marcel and Van. I find myself logging on, when I have a spare minute, to catch up with everybody. The forum has become more than just a place to discuss vintage jackets. I think of it as a virtual officer's club where you come by for a pint, a game of darts and to see which way the Toby mug is pointed.


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I've been away for the past week or so. Stunned and at a loss for what to say.



Just caught up with this news, I don't look here as often as perhaps I would like but crumbs! I can't believe that David is gone.



I have been away from the VLJ for a while and found this unaxpected sad news. David was always kind and helpful. I sold him a shirt once and it had been a real pleasure to deal with such a gentleman. I'm very sad and would like to partecipate to anything to remember him.
I am very very sad tonight. R.I.P. David


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I never knew David, never sent a PM to him. On my birthday, I recieved the customary "congratulations" from the forum, and David was the first to post Happy Birthday.

There are few people I am curious enough about to wish I had known them. David is one of them.

I think a person that has a picture of themselves as an avatar on a forum that is viewed worldwide, is an indication of a special kind of person. I wish there were more people like what I imagined him to be like.


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I too, did not know David; however, I did enjoy reading his many posts and sharing. My condolences to his family.


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I don't know how I missed this from two weeks ago. :eek: I have talked to J.C. recently on the phone, but he didn't say anything about it. David was a forum stalwart and always a gentleman. My condolences to his family.


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Hi everyone. I'm Ross' sister. He was a very close friend of Davids since their teens. Some are asking what happened to David. He passed from a heart attack. It was very unexpected and sudden. Ross doesn't do computers so I thought I would let you know as some have been asking.


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Thanks so much for thinking of us and taking the time to register and to let us know what had happened. As you've observed we were all shocked and saddened by the event so it's some sort of closure for us to have this extra info. Really appreciated and I hope that the posts here have been some comfort for David's friends and family.