David Brown (deeb7) - in memoriam


David's memorial service is 1 March, 2012 in New Zealand and it isn't possible for the majority of us to attend.

Even though you've offered condolences you can share your thoughts here about how David affected you VLJ life.


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i remember, a long time ago, i was young on this forum.
i ask David how he found back a link on wich i discover a photo.
impossible to remember where i found it.... but he , he did it
just in a couple of hours....
and at the end of his answer, he told me
i can't tell you how, or i must kill you and he add this smiley ( :lol: :lol: :lol: )
this i will never forget.

affectuously, i call him ... my encyclopedy
he had so much knowledge

many times, i send him pm, no long after i receive an answer

he was a great man, so humble, so kind, i will take him as model

he was there with his sense of humor,
also there to temperate some hot discussions

he was there to celebrate birthdays

my biggest regret will be that i never had the chance to meet him, to shake his hands, to discuss of anything, to discover his country, and to take a good drink....simply like that....between friends.

i will miss him

David, it was a pleasure to know you, thanks internet, thanks VLJ, simply thanks to you
it was an honour to be one of your friends
it was ... but it will remain like that, my souvenirs of you are now deep in my heart

thank you David,

sincerely yours

still don't know how you did :lol:


In the past few days, much has been said about David and there is probably little to add. There can be no doubt that he had a singular gift for marshalling facts and an uncanny knowledge of the Forum. He could conjure up long forgotten discussion threads with ease, no doubt, in large part, because he contributed to almost every one of them. His comments were brief, witty and instructive.

Although all this is undoubtedly true, what impresses me most, as I read the memorial tributes, is the strong connection most of us felt with him as a person, even though few of us knew him personally. The most obvious manifestation of his desire to foster good will and a sense of community among Forum members was his meticulous posting of birthday greetings, made all the more remarkable by his knowledge of our real names. Similarly, upon rereading some of his posts, one gets the sense that he was making a conscious effort to draw us together.

Anyway, I will make way for others to add their comments. I was particularly impressed with something that Paddy said, and I hope he won't mind if I quote him: "Rest in Peace David, you Kiwi Gentleman. I wonder did you ever realise from that small island world of yours in the Southern Hemisphere, just how many of us you touched right across this globe."


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David was above all a gentleman, never failing to share his insight, experience, knowledge, and wit with VLJ rookies and veterans alike. I paid particularly close attention to posts he made about jackets he had worn himself as he and I were just about the same size. His encyclopedic knowledge of this hobby, combined with his warmth and humor, made him one of the pillars of this little internet community. I will greatly miss his presence here; the forum will never be quite the same without him.

Thanks, David. I'm only sorry I never got to meet you in person.



Not currently being able to visit the forum as often as I used to, I have only just caught up with this sudden and very sad news about a friend I had never met, but felt I knew well..

I cannot add to what others have written over the last week except to say that like you all, my thoughts are with his family & friends.

RIP David


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It seemed appropriate that our very own deeb7 had his life celebrated on 'St. David's Day.' I am sure that would have put a smile across David's face.

A quietly strong man, he dropped his pebbles of wisdom and humour into the VLJ pond from his island home in the southern hemisphere, many thousands of miles from most of us, sitting here behind our computer screens.

Yet 'those quiet ripples' that David set in motion by the simple gesture of tapping away on a keyboard , radiated and grew in their strength well beyond those Kiwi shores where they orginated from. Those ripples became waves that reached many, many shores across the world washed over most of us here.

When the incomprehensible message came across the board that David had 'suddenly died,' by just reading the intensity of feelings 'he' had created in others and how deeply touched most of us on VLJ were, was a very tangible sign of the special bond we ‘all’ have here and just how central this man was. When people quip, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…” well no truer words were spoken than now. We now ‘see’ how central David was to us.

David had that 'human touch.' He had that gift to remind us of our own humanity and how we, through a simple common hobby shared on the Internet, can still bond on a very human, emotional level, even though most of us have never physically met. Take a moment to reflect on ‘how YOU felt’ when you heard the news of David’s passing and the feelings and emotions that triggered. For a person you have never met to trigger such ‘human’ emotions, makes for a very special human being.

I think the other great thing that this has reminded me, is that we are ALL special in our own ways on here.

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that there are a few people in my own lifetime that I regret I will now never get to meet. The likes of seeing Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald spring to mind! But, I’d like to add David Brown to that list as I am sure my life would have been enhanced by just meeting this Kiwi Gentleman.

As I said on the forum before, “David, you Kiwi Gentleman. I wonder from your little island home in the southern hemisphere…did you ‘ever realise’ just how many of us you touched across the four corners of the world?” :)

Te toka tu moana
Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa
Hei maumaharatanga


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I haven't visited the forum in quite some time now and it is with great sadness that I read of David's passing. I always found it comforting that in addition to his wealth of knowledge on our obscure topic he remained always a positive voice often when tensions had risen over political topics and the like. Like many others have said he lent a special personal voice with the birthday posts that surely went above what most people could muster for folks they had never met. RIP David and may you find that perfect jacket wherever you are.


jack aranda

I cannot add to the comments made already, except to say that for me, as well, David modeled how this forum, any forum, could/should conduct itself. Friendly, courteous, respectful, and always with good humor, David understood how fragile even us 'knockabout lads' are when we put ourselves out in front of others. David, I shall miss you.