CWU-45P and 36P in non-US service

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    I have just received delivery of a CWU-45P. The jacket was probably worn by a German senior staff member at the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program (ENJJPT). The jacket has the rank of Fregattenkapitän attached to the shoulder, and has the ENJJPT patch on the arm.

    There can’t have been many German naval aviators with such a senior rank at Sheppard AFB from 1995 to 2008 when the last German Navy pilot retired. This being Fregattenkapitän Peter Schroth, he was the last fighter pilot in the German Navy, making his final flight on 24th April 2008, three years after the last German navy fighter wing (MFG 2) was shut down in 2006. FKpt Peter Schroth was with the ENJJPT for five years from 2003. I’m not saying that this is his jacket but it is a possibility! As usual more research required!

    s-l1600-1.jpg s-l1600-4.jpg

    FKpt Peter Schroth completes his last flight.

    The second ‘foreign’ jacket in my collection is a CWU-36P worn by Flight Lieutenant Tim Brown who was seconded to Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 120 (VAW-120), he is listed as an Operations Assistant, Squadron VAW-120, U.S. Navy.

    Photos to be added tomorrow.

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    CWU-36P just bought one on E-bay and had the sleeves shortened........because. they don't come in short

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