CWU-106 Goretex Flight Jacket?????

Discussion in 'Nylon' started by FtrPlt, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Me thinks I'll wait for the used ones to hit eBay. Don't think I'll be in danger of rotor wash during this lifetime. Looks like an excellent jacket for walking the dog on cold wet days though.
  2. Doctor Damage

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    I've posted about these on Fed Lounge but I'll offer a few comments here too.

    The 106P jackets are an interesting product which has apparently been well-received by helicopter and rescue crews, as was noted earlier in this thread. I've bought a couple off e-Bay and one seller made this insightful comment to me in a personal message:

    The [MCPS jackets] are very different jackets, because they are focused on a different part of the flight operation: keep aircrew members who must leave the aircraft or service it in virtually any weather condition warm and dry. When used with the mid-weight and/or heavyweight fleece designed for use with them, they fulfill the mission requirements admirably. In temperate but wet weather, the jackets and pants may be worn right over a flight suit and will keep the aircrew member dry and protected. The Kevlar provides that extra bit of protection needed when working in and around aircraft. All of the MCPS outerwear items - pants and jackets - are designed to be worn over one or two layers of fleece undergarments. The heavyweight fleece (dark green) may be worn alone under the outerwear, or in extreme cold, may be worn over one or the other of the black underlayers - either heavyweight or midweight fleece. The underlayers are available [on the surplus market] because many of the aircrews in the lower 48 who use the MCPS normally only use the dark green heavyweight fleece. My nephew is a Navy rescue swimmer and he swears by the MCPS ensemble - in all conditions. He has worn it in temperate, hot and very cold conditions.

    I'm not serving and have only worn these jackets in civilian life, alongside my 36P and 45P jackets. The 106P jackets are fully windproof and mostly waterproof, although because of the way they're constructed they will gradually wick water up from the cuffs and waistband after about an hour of rain, and the front cargo pockets soak through (just the pockets, not the jacket torso). However, given that the 36P and 45P jackets will be fully wet in about 10 minutes of rain and take 24 hours + to dry out, the 106P jackets are a big improvement.

    Another advantage of the 106P jackets is the sizing: they come in short, regular, and long lengths. They fit really large in the upper body, though, and tight in the waist - they're made for fit, active youngsters, not middle aged men!
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    I don't recall this thread when it originally posted. I have the issued pants and jacket. They are no good in the cockpit, but great for pre-flight in the rain. The aircrewmen in the back of the helicopter love them. They are always exposed to the elements when they fly with the doors open. I don't think they "breath" very well and a person can get hot and sweaty quickly in them.
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    Is there any difference between procurement of clothing by either ANG or USAF? Asking 'cause I feel that ANG ( being a state level organization) seems to be more independent than USAF (a DoD level organization).
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    congrats to the USAF............they have finally made fighter pilots no longer look cool!!!!!

    even with an F-15 in the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do understand the practicality and safety of it all........... :mad:
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    I'm with you CBI,
    with that look even hanging out in a pub singing "You lost that loving feeling" wouldn't get you a second look from a female.;)
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    I was thinking of getting it when it was first introduced. BUT, besides from the 'look', what is the point of Gore-tex without a hood when you need it (yes, there is a detachable one...).
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    I think you'll find that the survival kit in the ejection seat contains a nice wool knit cap that they'd be wearing if for some reason they had to spend the night out in the elements.

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