Custom order Leather Ww2 jacket patches Squadron/Group/etc,


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Hello , I make WW2 era military aviation related leather jacket patches, USAAF/USN/USMC, Squadron and or Group etc, most are in the 5-6 inch range, but also the smaller AAF shoulder types are about 3 3/1/2 approx, I ahve images of just about all of the known' Ww2 types of all branches of the service , also many image sof "Unofficial" types, I can also work from any good clear color image you may wish to provide, I do Not "pre make" any of these patches , I make them as they're called for , I mostly work with people in the US , but can do overseas if you can do payment via Western Union as I don't do Paypal, I accept payment in the following forms please, personal check , US Postal money order and the forementioned Western Union money transfer .
See my Facebook site page for many many images of my works and compliments on them enjoy :)