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  1. nkang

    nkang Well-Known Member

    Sadly us the younger members might either not have the opportunity to snatch a well-fitting original or just don't have any intention to own originals...

    My current rather unimpressive leather stock:

    Eastman Leather Clothing House A2 size 40
    J. A. Dubow 27798 (Greece) A2 size 42
    Aero Leather Clothing 16160 Trainee A2 size 40
    Headwind A1 with customized collar size 42
    Steve Sellers Willis & Geiger M422a size 40
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  2. Griffon_301

    Griffon_301 Active Member

    You call that rather unimpressive? Nice collection I would say :)
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  3. Stony

    Stony Well-Known Member

    WA, USA
    They're out there to be had, you just need to know where to find them. Personally I do not go on ebay to buy originals anymore (although I would if it were something special). Craigslist, military shows and personal contacts are my most used venues for finding originals.
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  4. tjoenn

    tjoenn Well-Known Member

    I think I'm done unless I find another original, feel that I already don't get to wear them all enough.

    Original A-2 Cable Raincoat
    Original G-1
    ELC Mixed Batch Perry Sportswear B-3
    ELC Roughwear B-6
    ELC Roughwear A-2 (23rd ftr grp)
    ELC Ostmann
    Headwind A-1
  5. Carl

    Carl Well-Known Member

    Original shearling
    HLB B3 second contract named and researched
    Bronco A2 29191 named /researched
    Aeroleather Beacon B7
    Poughkeepsie AN-J-4

    Original cloth
    Stagg B10
    Daan B15
    Ben Greenholtz B9
    Moda Coat B11
    Albert Turner B11
    Aeroleather Beacon D2

    L W Foster G1
    Imperial leather and sportswear G1

    ELC B3
    ELC A2
    BR Oldin Dennis endzone twill B10
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  6. Garylafortuna

    Garylafortuna Active Member

    The Flight Jacket collecting virus attacked me about four years ago, although my interest in leather jackets goes a little beyond that, back to the Indy era, with a few motorcycle jackets thrown into the mix. I have one original M-422A, but my main interest is in repros, so here goes.

    * Rough Wear 1401P in russet horse by Diamond Dave. Seriously patched 23rd FG, CBI, blood chit, 14th AF, etc.
    * JA Dubow 20960 in seal horse by Good Wear. Super thick horsehide.
    * Aero 1711P in russet horse by Aero Scotland.
    * Aero 15142P in dark seal horse by Aero Scotland. Closest color to black without being black.
    * Rough Wear 18091 in seal goat by Good Wear. This goatskin contract came originally only in russet but John made one jacket in seal.
    * Monarch Mfg. 23378 in russet horse by Good Wear. Beautiful shade of russet.
    * Headwind A-1 in oxblood capeskin by Jay's crew. The original oxblood color has since been changed to light russet. Extremely supple easy to wear.
    * Buzz Rickson William Gibson Edition G-1 in black shrunken buffalo hide purchased from HPA. Very heavy but classy. Charles said; 'wear it with a cashmere sweater'.
    * Buzz Rickson G-1 in seal goat., Got to love G-1s with the freedom of movement. Great jackets.
    * Original Edmond Church M-422A in light seal goat. Seen better days but still wearable. Cuffs and waistband replaced.
    * Roadstar Motorcycle jacket in russet horse by Eastman Leather. Has the cold weather wool lining.
    * Custom made Indy Jacket in seal goat by Gibson & Barnes. Where the addiction started.

    * B-10 by Bronson.
    * B-15A by Bronson.
    * USN 37J1 by Bronson.
    * USAF B-15C mod by Buzz Rickson
    * CWU 45/P
    * USN hook deck jacket by Pike Bros.

    The time is nigh I think to put a padlock on the door. Sheesh............ Gary
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  7. B-Man2

    B-Man2 Well-Known Member

    Outstanding collection!!
    Hey wait a minute, didn’t you tell me I needed help with my addiction;)
  8. Garylafortuna

    Garylafortuna Active Member

    Many thanks sir. Without a doubt you've got it bad Burt. You belong in the Flight Jacket Collectors Hall of Fame. Charter member.
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  9. Art

    Art Well-Known Member

    Those real air miles count triple tho Greg and all u get to experience and see up there.. Genuine envious eye from me
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  10. Art

    Art Well-Known Member

    I like griff I like it a lot
  11. Petersson

    Petersson New Member

    Gothenburg Sweden
    ELC Roughwear A-2 (23rd ftr grp) Looks like a beutiful jacket, have to save some money to buy one som day.
  12. Nickb123

    Nickb123 Active Member

    Holy smokes.
  13. Brettafett

    Brettafett Well-Known Member

    Ja Dubow 27798 42 (Platon)
    AVI Bronco 42
    AVI 55J14 G-1 40
    Cockpit WW2 Gov Issue with Blood Chit A-2 36 long
    Headwind HL Block M422a 40 (unworn and F/S)
    ELC B-10 40
    Schott Suka Souvenir Flight Jackets x 2 versions

    Have a BK A-2 on the way, and am waiting for the 'new' AVI Bronco/ Perry A-2s also.
    Feel this year is going to be a goodie where flight jackets are concerned ;)
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  14. Marv

    Marv Well-Known Member

    GW RW27752 A2
    GW Dubow 20960 A2
    ELC RW27752 A2
    ELC Pearl Harbor A2
    Cooper A2
    ELC G1
    BK GF M422a
    LW Foster G1
    Brill Bros G1
    Ralph Edwards G1
    Martin Lane Co G1
    ELC B10
    ELC Irivn
    AVLC Irvin
    Pike Bros N1 Deck Jacket
    RL N1 Deck Jacket
    SoF Tanker (pattern n0.1 & pattern no.2)
    Skyline MA-1
    Alpha MA-1 x 3
    Alpha N2b Parka
    Weintrub Bros L2b
    Wested Indy Hero
    Wested Skyfall
    Levis LVC 1930 Menlo (Skyfall)

    * Apparently my wife say's I have too many jackets, can't see why :)
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  15. D97x7

    D97x7 Well-Known Member

    Somerset, England
    BK Dubow 1755
    ELC .50CAL A-1
    Aero pre-war Irvin
    ELC 1940 Irvin
    ELC .50CAL B-3
    ELC Roughwear B-3
    ELC S.F.A.D. B-3
    ELMC C-3 vest
    Bronson B-10

    I feel inadequate ;)

    Oh and

    Aero Cheyenne
    Aero Teamster
    Aero Highwayman

    Feeling better now :D
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  16. B-Man2

    B-Man2 Well-Known Member


    (Recently provided courtesy of Saucerfiend)
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  17. Griffon_301

    Griffon_301 Active Member

    Latest addition to my collection:

    ELC RW B-15a

    Perfect jacket for the current weather here :)
  18. Art

    Art Well-Known Member

    Dying to get my hands on an air comfort couchy , that's a great collection you've got but do u mean you've lost the comfort and was it painted ?? I’d defo like to see it if at all poss nice one Art
  19. Art

    Art Well-Known Member

    Did u still have your Aero b3 in redskin ties
  20. Art

    Art Well-Known Member

    Also I notice that most your jackets are a 40 but why is the comfort a 44 ,cheers Art

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