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  1. ausreenactor

    ausreenactor Well-Known Member

    Mildura, heart of the Mallee.

    Putting the collection into the porta-robes before our new year move. Fifth house move in seven years.
    Thank you "service needs". One of my peers is having a hissy after moving for the first time in nine years?

    Have been offloading a few, then realised as many are coming in...Mostly BR Tankers??

    Given the current exchange rate and the shipping surcharge I am hanging onto the inventory for a while..

    ELC RW 27752 40 - Murder Inc Art
    ELC House Vintage Russet Horse 40
    ELC Air Comfort 44 - With Jerome and half painted (2.5 years AWOL)
    RMNZ Dubow with Jerome 501 PIR ART - 46
    BR RW 23380 Horse 42
    Saddlery 88 USAF A-2 40L - Australian Avn Patch out

    ELC Early RAF with original DOT zipper and hanging chain - 40
    CAB Clothing Khaki Deck Hook with Ties' USS Atule patch - Medium
    BR Oldin-Dennis B-10 40 - VGC
    BR Rough Wear B-10 40 Blonde Collar- As new
    BR Early Stagg B-10 40 - Enlisted patch out
    BR Buzz Rickson B-15 - 40
    BR B-15A Mod - 40
    BR B-15C Mod - 40
    BR Tanker OD - 40
    BR Tanker Brown - 42
    BR Tanker OD - 44
    BR William Gibson Tanker - 44
    BR L-2 Reed Products - 40
    BR L-2A Superior Togs 40 Green Knit with 9th FBS patch out
    BR L-2B Tops Apparel 509th Patch out - Large
    BR Commercial L2 - 42
    BR MA-1 Large TAC COL Jennings patch out
    BR William Dykie M41 - 40R
    BR 37J1 USN 42 - As new
    ATF Tanker - 4th Ranger Bn
    ATF M41 - Glider Pilot F/O patch out
    ATF M41 - New Unworn
    Unknown Jap Tanker (half neck Talon zip) 531st Bomb stencil - 40

    Off to the tropics again so they will have a 3 or 6 year hiatus..

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    you guys must have very big wardrobes
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member

    Sunshine Coast, Australia
    Wow, 3-6 years is a lifetime Trev. You certainly are "serving".

    Never did get round to trying out that RM....
  4. CBI

    CBI Well-Known Member

    Hey, that Korean era A-2 in the lower right hand corner is in my closet now! :D
  5. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    Current collection-December 2010

    Repro A2

    ELC Werber size 42
    GW RW 18091 size 42

    Original A2s

    Aero 40-3785-P size 44
    Aero ac21996 size 44
    Cooper ac23381 size 44
    Rough Wear 16159 size 44 (nr mint)
    Rough Wear 1401p size 42
    Rough Wear 27752 size 44
    United Sheeplined 42-18777-P size 42
    Perry 42-16175-P size 44
    Monarch ac23378 size 44
    Star ac28557 size 44 (nr mint)
    Spiewak 42-18776-P size 42
    Poughkeepsie ac28560 size 44 x 2
    Bronco ac29191 size 44
    David D Doniger 42-21539-P size 42
    No name (Doniger) ac29971 size 42
    No Name 42-18246-P size 44

    Cagleco G-1 1957 size 44
    Star Sportwear G-1 1964 size 44

    original B3s

    42-21700p (1942, two tone)
    Rough Wear 42-18653-p size 42 (duo tone)

    Repro B3
    ELC RW Redskin size 44


    1933 by Irvin Air Chute-size 5
    1938- by Irvin Air Chute-size 5
    1939- by Irvin Air Chute - size 5
    1939-40 by IAC electrically wired-size 5
    1940- by DGL-size 6
    1941- by Wareings-size 6
    1941- by Wareings-size 7
    1941-2 black fleece, size 5
    1941-2 by DG.Ltd, size 5
    1943-4 multipanelled Irvin by DGL x 2

    ELC B-10 size 42
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  6. jack31916

    jack31916 Active Member

    Zoetermeer The Netherlands
    Holy smoke ! 35 jackets ! Do you live in an empty warehouse ?
  7. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    I wish I did sometimes! No just an oridinary house. :)
  8. Tim P

    Tim P Active Member

    Birmingham UK
    ELC Monarch A2 no extra pockets size 44
    ELC Star A2 size 44
    ELC B6 house style 46
    ELC D1 size Large
    ELC Irvin size 48
    ELC B10 size 48
    ATF Tanker
    3 various M41 jackets
    Original M43
    original M51 Large long
    Original M65 large long woodland
    M65 large long duck hunter
    Buzz Rickson B15c 44
    Buzz Rickson Blue N1 44
    Black RL M41
    Black RL M43
    Blue RL M51
    Black RL M42 para
    Blue RL Deck hook
    Original Reed products N3 Parka
    Alpha B15D 44
    Schott early style Ma1
    navy rubberised parka
    British windproof camo pullover
    repro denison smock.
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  9. watchmanjimg

    watchmanjimg Well-Known Member

    Orlando, FL USA
    I couldn't begin to list my entire inventory as it likely approaches 100 jackets. I've got around 20 in the L-2 series alone. I don't live in a warehouse, but I do have a 10'x10' storage space in addition to what's in the house. :eek:
  10. John Lever

    John Lever Moderator

    Southern England
    You make me feel normal...
  11. watchmanjimg

    watchmanjimg Well-Known Member

    Orlando, FL USA
    I'm pleased to have been of service. :shock:
  12. Roughwear

    Roughwear Well-Known Member

    So John, what jacket do you still have?
  13. deeb7

    deeb7 New Member

    Auckland, New Zealand
    • My Jackets


      The Few A-1, light russet horsehide, aniline hand finish (42) 2006 sample.
      The Few D-1 H.L.B.CORP (Medium) 2006 prototype 6mm fleece.

      RMNZ A-2 Dubow russet horsehide (42)
      RMNZ A-2 Dubow seal horsehide (42)
      RMNZ G-1 7823 McCoy Sportswear (42)
      RMJ MA-1 Skyline Clothing Corp. 1956 (Large)

      Buzz Rickson’s B-3 duo tone (40)
      Buzz Rickson’s L-2 American Pad & Textile Co (38)
      Buzz Rickson’s B-10 Rough Wear (40)
      Buzz Rickson’s B-10 LSL Garments (white mouton) (40)

      Alpha Replica B-15C (38)
      Aero Leather black Motorcycle (38)
      Eastman Leather A-1 capeskin (40)


      CW 45/P Valley Apparel L.L.C. 2003 Medium – RNZAF PLTOFF
      L-2B Alpha Industries Inc. 1978 Large
      L-2B Alpha Industries Inc. 1978 Small - RNZAF photographer
      L-2B Alpha Industries Inc. 1979 Medium – RNZAF, sage lining, NIB
      MA-1 Dobbs Industries Inc. 1958 Large, UV fade.
      MA-1 Skyline Clothing Corporation 1961 Large
      MA-1 Sportsmasters, Inc. 1969 Large
      MA-1 Alpha Industries Inc. 1971 Large, U.S. Army patched
      M-41 USN NXsx-83889 (36)
      USN Pea Coat WW11 pattern, Naval Clothing Factory
      British Cycle Leathers (BRIMACO) red café racer 40.

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  14. ausreenactor

    ausreenactor Well-Known Member

    Mildura, heart of the Mallee.
    I think we should kick this one off again. Far too long.
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  15. Griffon_301

    Griffon_301 Active Member

    good being a rather new guy here, let me start the thingie...

    all repro jackets as originals are nearly impossible to come by here in Austria:


    ELC G-1
    ELC B-3
    ELC B-6
    ELC 1940 Irvin
    el cheapo A-2 (just for the fun)
    old Avirex G-1 (looks more like a mix between a ANJ-3 and a G-1)


    el cheapo B-10 (also just for the fun)
    RW B-15
    BR N-1
    BR 37J1 (incoming, hope it fits)
    Hayley Enterprises AN6551 (weird one, but still looking quite nice)
    Alpha N-3b

    as I am also collecting books, the jacket collection is rather small due to space and spouse restrictions applying....
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  16. dmar836

    dmar836 Well-Known Member

    Kansas, USA
    The way the forum once was.
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  17. Greg Gale

    Greg Gale Well-Known Member

    You mean a just list of stuff without any pictures? :D
  18. Greg Gale

    Greg Gale Well-Known Member

    OK I'll be nice and play along:

    Eastman Star Sportswear A-2 size 40
    80s Airex A-2 size 40 (adorned with patches and a Memphis Belle artwork)
    AVI LTHR G-1 Size 42 (VF-84 patches)
    WPG Irvin size 38
    Bronson B-15 size 40 (487th FS patch)
    Bronson 1955 MA-1 size 40

    (not a very respectable collection compared to some of the above :( )
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  19. Griffon_301

    Griffon_301 Active Member

    Ah the it did not happen without a picture rule...
    Alright, pic of some of my collection included now...

    Attached Files:

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  20. Stony

    Stony Well-Known Member

    WA, USA
    All of my jackets are originals.

    B-G Inc. 55J14 G-1 USS Randolph sz 44 named
    H&L Block M-422a with WWII and post WWII patches named
    Monarch M-422 sz 38 (no name strip, but pilot identified)
    Edmund Church M-422a sz 42 named
    Monarch A-2 23378 size 36 w/14th BS patch named
    Rolen Sportswear L-2B sz small (belonged to same pilot as the above Monarch A-2)
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