Crazy Man Crazy Closing Sale


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Not sure if I'm posting this in the right subforum, but Paul who runs Crazy Man Crazy in Forest Hill (formerly in Crystal Palace before) is closing his Bricks and Motar shop at least for the summer. He's got quite a lot of US Military gear in there- G1s, A2s, Flight Suits, N3-As and Bs, hats, shirts and also a lot of rockabilly or hot rodder gear. Originals or decent Repros like Eastman.

He'll be taking a break over the summer, then reassessing how to do things after that. Everything in the shop is currently 20% off.

Paul is a mate and has a good eye, the shop is full of hand picked pieces, not just generic 'vintage'. I'd love to see him open another shop again, but most importantly I'd like to see him continue trading.


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I thought he closed when he moved out of Crystal Palace! I'm only a few miles away so may pay him a visit!!