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"Convertible" Bomber/Car Jacket


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Welcome to VLJ. This is an interesting American garment, which dates to the post War period, probably the 1950s.

Thomas Koehle

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interesting one - reminds me one of my old motorbike jackets with a zip at the bottom to be attached to matching leather pants


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It reminds me of those trousers with the zips to remove the legs so they become shorts. Ultimately I think it's probably the same outcome, if you want a pair of trousers and a pair of shorts you get a pair of both. Same with jackets I suspect, you want a waist length jacket and you want a longer length car coat style you get one of each.

Still it's a rare bird there's no doubt.


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Let me guess, "How much is it worth?"
Nope - first off it's not mine - secondly I don't come to forums to ask value - most of the time I already know.
I just haven't seen anything quite like this and was hoping for some genuine information.
I posted on Fedora as well to gain more info but everyone seems to be drawing a blank.

Ken at Aero Leather

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Welcome the the forum, Stewie........................a phrase little used on VLJ I'm sorry to say

I used this method in the late 1960s

I made a short"Biker style" waist length jacket..................(basically the top half of what I made later for Suzi Quatro),
There was a hiddem O/E zipper under the waistband and one could zip on a Short skirt, long skirt, Knee length coat extension or even a full length ankle length coat extension for the super trendy

One jacket, four lower versions

Sold really well

I’ve never heard of anyone else doing it before or since, so after all these years I find out I wasn’t the originator of the idea after all!!


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Can you post a close up of the label? Is there a country of origin?
If on FL and VLJ, welcome. Can you post a brief bio so people chiming in know who you are.


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Post a close up of the label that's sitting just below the collar. You can't make it out in your images so a close up of what it says would possibly help.


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Fairly sure the label says it’s made from steerhide. Funny old kettle of poisson, isn’t it? Never come across anything like it before.