Collection, owned by Ed Nored highlighted on 303rdBG website,lost in the Califo


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From Gary Moncur Facebook post: I am very sorry to report that the amazing WWII Uniform Collection, owned by Ed Nored and highlighted on the 303rdBG website, was lost in the California fires. Thank God Ed is well and safe. His home in Magalia, CA is gone as well as his massive WWII uniform collection and Vietnam memorabilia. May God bless Ed and all those whose lives have been lost and affected by the devasting fires.

We are very fortunate to have photos of his collection here.


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Very sad to hear that a life`s work has been destroyed, but glad to hear everyone was safe. It would be lovely to do a display like that but i`d always be scared go thieving so and sos and wouldn't`t be able to relax at all.


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Wow. So sad to hear. I was able to purchase a few nice things from Ed a few years ago. He was very kind. I’m sure this is an extra difficult situation for him.

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