Cold Weather CVC jacket


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I recently bought a surplus alpha industries cold weather CVC jacket from 1996 as a collectible. I was wandering what sort of patches would go on it to match the time period because I lack the knowledge. This jacket isn’t meant for me to wear outside it is mearly a collectible since I have no military service.


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Oh I guess any US Army armoured unit patch that was active in that era should do fine.
Can't be that hard to find on the 'net.

Ed Rooney

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In the Army it was worn 2 ways-

1. Tanker style with subdued (BDU-Style) NAME and U.S. ARMY strips on chest, and whatever badges, such as Aviation wings or Airborne/Air Assault, sewn above U.S. ARMY strip. Subdued officer rank sewn on shoulders, or 1 enlisted rank insignia sewn above NAME strip. Unit patch on left sleeve. Combat unit patch on right sleeve. Sometimes enlisted rank would be sewn on collar, which is what I did, but above the name was true tanker style.

2. Aviator style, with velcro name plate on left breast, and unit patch on left sleeve at the shoulder. Officer rank sewn on shoulders. Enlisted rank not sewn on, since it is on the leather nametag. Note: the hook and loop from the tanker jacket was terrible and lasted about 4 minutes. Most jackets I saw and used had BLACK velcro added, because that's what the ALSE shop had.

Side note: I can remember in the late 80's a few old dudes still had MA1s done up with sew-on wings and namestrips, mostly only seen when it got cold.



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