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  1. JUVAT571

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    can anyone explain me what is the problem with the Cockpit A-2 Jacket leather issues/problems????
    Does anyone have a complain/comment about it?

    It is so bad as some say around in flight jacket foruns???

    Notice LOT# 37- 41 is a mess. Still baged and leather already broken and lokking bad, as if a plastic material...

    Any advice before getting one??

  2. Smithy

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    Here at VLJ most members are pretty into accuracy issues, in terms of materials, patterns and fit so hence Cockpit won't be the first choice of most here for an A-2. That's not to say that they're a bad jacket as such, just that they're not as close to wartime originals as other A-2 repro manufacturers such as GW, ELC, Aero, etc and which tends to be the focus here.

    If you like the looks of them go for it, if it was me I'd try and pick up one of the other aforementioned makers' jackets by either saving my pennies or preferably (due to the ridiculous prices now for good new A-2 repros) getting one off eBay or in the classifieds here.

    Cheers and also welcome to the forum. BTW pop over to the member bios section and post a little about yourself.

  3. B-Man2

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    I agree with this advise.
    The tendency is to "go cheap" on the first or second repro's, however after a very short period of time, you realize that you like the high end repro's better than the
    Cock pit's or Cooper's etc. In the end you wind up spending more money than you might have, if you had just bit the bullet and spent the money for a used Good Wear,
    Aero or ELC.
    At any rate good luck with your choice.

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