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CNAC tribute jacket


Extremely excited to introduce the last leather jacket of the CBI I will be putting together. This jacket is an a tribute to the brave men of CNAC (China National Aviation Corporation) who flew the hump. The record number of hump trips is held by former AVG pilot Dick Rossi. Lydia Rossi I hope you enjoy seeing this one, it is a personal tribute to your husband. I owe a deep round of thanks to my friend from Australia Sid Moore who provided he 2 CNAC layered patches that he made. Huge thanks to Sean Collins (happy birthday btw) who custom made the proper cotton blood chit, 48 star cotton flag and the extraordinarily cool Chinese pilot wings in layered leather. This is my last leather jacket for a while and essentially completes my tribute series of the CBI. Hope you enjoy. Jacket is a well worn 1995 Cooper A-2. Can't remember who made the name tag.