Civilian imitation Irvin?


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While trawling through the internet for jackets on my work break, I came across this...not-Irvin claiming to be an Irvin.

Not interested in buying it, of course, but I’m curious what you all think. Is it trying to be a civilian version of an Irvin? Is it a completely unrelated shearling jacket? When might it be from? I’ve seen a lot of A-2 style civilian jackets, but not many vintage Irvin imitations. (Then again, I am still a novice)


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The thing that stands out to me about this jacket is the leather facings on the inside next to the zipper that lack any sort of mechanism to keep warmth from escaping through the zipper. That would be a really bad design feature for any jacket being subjected to extreme cold like the Irvins and sundry other shearling jackets were.
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