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    Hi All,

    One of the three jackets I used to do my recent reproduction as seen here once belonged to an American hero by the name of CDR Charles S. Porter. His jacket remains 100% original as it was when received. I thought that Charles jacket was significant enough to do a thread outlining both the jacket and it's original owner.

    To begin, Charles Porter's 1950 model pre Korean War made jacket must have been his replacement. Moreover, he began his USN aviation career during WW-2 with VB-5 while aboard the USS Yorktown (CV-10). In support of the Island hopping campaign in the Pacific. Later his aviation career came to an unfortunate ended with an operational accident.

    With regards to Porters WW-2 efforts I found some interesting information. To include a post combat action report where he was mentioned as a participant as seen by the following.

    Not withstanding that same day's events from then Ens. Porter's own flight logs.

    Porters squadron VB-5 can be seen warming up for a take off while aboard the USS Yorktown (CV-10) here .

    I have an image of CDR. Charles Porters wearing this same B-G INC 55J14 jacket. Obviously taken previous to attaching any squadron patches & are all seen below.

    The two squadron patches seen attached to his jacket were from his two commands. The earliest being from his time as the XO of VF-144 during the Korean War.

    Later Charles was to command VAH-2. Where he was soon lost in an operational accident in 1960. That VAH-2 patch's close up is seen directly below.

    Charles can be seen wearing this same B-G INC 55J14 jacket here.

    Note that in the attached picture Charles is seen smoking a cigar. Several years ago & upon receiving his jacket & while opening up the package I could still smell the faint odor of tobacco

    On the day Porter was lost he flew out of NAS Widbey Island. Today, that main drag as you enter into NAS Widbey Island's main gate is now his namesake.

    CDR Porters B-G INC G-1 is seen here again with my new build that Charles Porter's jacket helped to create.

    Cheers, Dave
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    Thanks for taking the time to fill the Jacket with the history of the man who wore it, certainly brings that patina to life.
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    I like the history of these jackets as much as the jacket itself.
    Thanks for posting.

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