Catch 22 stunt double ELC Monarch


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;)Not even if it was from the movie catch 22. I’d rather have the decapitating L-5


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What a crock.

Mind you there's a sucker born every minute so maybe some loon will pay that much.

My wife would serve me the "papers" if I dropped that much on a jacket with a bloody great rip in it.


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You may say I’m a loony (‘you’re a loony”-to quote the Goodies, old British TV show), but had I a spare £540 knocking around, and a desire for a second russet A-2, I would have that. Hand stitch the tear, new nametag, maybe a patch, and you’d have a very expensive A-2 with a bit of battle damage that most folk probably wouldn’t stop their horse and cart to look at, plus the kudos of having been in the TV series based on one of my favourite books. How much is an ELC Monarch these days? 1p short of two grand. Maybe not nowadays, but there was a time I’d have hit the button on that by now.